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Never having been particularly athletic or fit my whole life, and being a classic yo-yo dieter (regularly gaining and losing 15-20kg most of my adult life), by my mid 30’s I found myself in one of my all too familiar “fat phases” as I used to call them.


Despite having an awesome family and successful business in finance, I was out of shape and unfit. I was a smoker and occasional drinker too. This wasn’t the type of husband and dad I planned on being for my family.


It was after seeing some very unflattering pictures of me swimming with the kids that I made the decision to get in shape.


I’ll be honest though, this was probably the 10th time in my life I made this same decision. And like all of the other times, I chose a big name calorie controlled diet plan and started exercising (I joined Breathe Gym at North Lakes). I lost 17kg, stopped smoking (for good this time) and was actually fitter than I had been at any time I could remember in my life.


The team at Breathe North Lakes did a great job of keeping me motivated to come along to group fitness classes and participate in the regular fitness challenges.


In late 2015, determined not to repeat my life long cycle of yo-yo dieting I began personal training with Casey Braid from Breath North Lakes.

Straight away Casey recognised that eating was a key issue for me. He set a simple, realistic healthy eating plan for me. After yo-yo’ing from one calorie controlled diet plan to another for decades, this eating plan was truly amazing. For the first time ever I had an eating plan that totally satisfied my appetite. In fact I initially struggled to eat all of the food each day! Casey has adjusted my eating plan to suit my training regime from time-to-time, but each adjustment has left me feeling even more satisfied, nourished and full of energy.


Casey tailored a training program for my goals which is also remarkably realistic and straight-forward to follow. I am really impressed that rather than simply make me rely on his personal training sessions (which are awesome by-the-way), Casey set out to teach me how to train myself. This is a unique approach that really sets him apart from other personal trainers.


Rather than describe the results I have achieved, I’ll let my before and after photos speak for themselves.


Needless to say I have never felt or been fitter, healthier, or in better shape in my entire life. I honestly never thought I would ever in my life achieve the level of fitness I now have.


My wife is also so impressed that she also sharing this healthy lifestyle with me and we are both enjoying life to max!



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